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Cool Tool: The Mason Shaker

Loved by hipsters and Pinterest crafters alike, the Mason jar has become ubiquitous in trendy restaurants and on craft tables everywhere. You cake bake a cake in it! Use it as a soap dispenser! Turn it into a light fixture! Create a sewing kit! Or, one of my favourites, make them into the cutest-ever snow globes! You get the idea.

And now, yet another use for the beloved Mason jar (you know you were hoping for it): the Mason Shaker. Cocktail lovers rejoice! Now, not only can you drink from said jar, you can mix your cocktails with it, too!

The Mason Shaker turns any Mason jar into a cocktail shaker in a snap (or should I say screw?). Check it out:

Mason Shaker

Mason Shaker

Mason Shaker

2 comments on “Cool Tool: The Mason Shaker

  1. Ed Kopas
    November 14, 2012

    where can I get one; great Christmas gift

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